Geoff Agg Engineering Limited: Femco UK Drain Plugs

Femco Adaptors and Specials

Not all sumps, oil pans and fluid tanks are the same. To combat this, Femco drain plugs can be customised to suit your individual needs. Featured here are a few examples of how the Femco drain plug has been machined to suit specification requirements.

Femco Drain Plug with Face Groove Rather than using a copper sealing washer, a groove has been machined into the brass hexagon to allow an O-ring to sit to form a face seal.
Femco Drain Plug with Face Groove

Instead of sealing on a copper washer, the base of the threaded portion of the plug has been machined to seat an O-ring to form a seal.

The drain plug shown here also has a longer threaded section. This is ideal for when the drain plug is situated in a recess, allowing the valve to open straight into the sump to allow for maximum flow rather than into a tight and restricted area.
DP4080 Femco Adaptor Instead of using a right angled drainer, this adaptor has been designed to screw into the side of the sump and the the Femco drain plug can be positioned at the best angle to allow for drainage.
DP4083 Femco Suction Adaptor A heavy duty Large Standard Series drainer fitting attached to a 1/2" BSP pipe fitting. Designed for a pit based suction system to deal with heavier workshop knocks.
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