Geoff Agg Engineering Limited: Femco UK Drain Plugs

Femco Quickdrain SeriesClosed off Femco Quickdrain Plug

Femco is strongly focused upon a continuous process of product research, development and innovation. The newest range in design is the Femco Quickdrain Series.

The Quickdrain has been specially developed for when you don't want to have to use any other tools to drain your oil. There is no lever or handle to get knocked or caught causing unwanted oil loss, the knurled brass draining ring can be twisted to the locked position for added security.

Open to Drain Femco Quickdrain Plug


  • Tooless oil draining
  • No need for a separate drain hose as it can remain attached
  • Super magnets can be fitted to eliminate metal particles
  • Twist and lock mechanism for increased efficient draining
  • Allows safe draining of oil at engine temperature
  • Reduces the risk of oil spillages in the workshop and environmental implications
  • Oil is contained from sump to container
  • Eliminates the risk of stripped threads
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