Geoff Agg Engineering Limited: Femco UK Drain Plugs

Frequently Asked Questions


How do the drain plugs work?

Femco’s patented drain plug design has its valve held closed by a stainless steel spring, this valve is sealed by a viton “o” ring when the Femco drainer is attached to the plug outlet it raises the valve allowing the oil to flow down the tube into any container.


What are the plugs made of?

The plugs are machined from solid brass bar.


Do I need a drainer for every vehicle?

No. The drainers are designed to fit all of the plugs within a series. (i.e. A large standard drainer fits all large standard plugs.)


Which series should I use?

The series depends on the application, and style of draining. Standard plugs are common where space is not an issue, compact is used where clearance is a concern. Speed Click is mainly for large fleets or where turn round time is important,


Is it possible to drain fluids other than oil?

Yes, of course!


Can I drain the oil hot?

Yes, this is one of the main advantages of using Femco drain plugs.


Does any oil get left in the sump?

No. Femco drain plugs are designed to fit flush with the sump, therefore all the oil is drained quickly and easily.


Can you drain oil from engines with different plug sizes?

Yes. Femco drain plugs are available in all thread sizes, standard or special.


How can I take an oil sample to check the quality of oil in an easy way?

The Femco oil sampler makes this operation straight forward.


My drain plug is in a difficult place to reach, can you help?

We can provide angled and extended drainers or special adaptors to overcome most problems.


My existing sump plug has a magnet fitted.

We can supply all Femco drain plugs with a magnet, which can be inspected after draining the oil.


What happens if I get water in my fuel tank?

Femco drain plugs are ideal for draining condensation from fuel tanks.


What if I can’t find a size?

Femco make over 500 combinations of thread sizes and patterns, please call us with your application and we will find the size for you.


Can I use a suction system?

All Femco systems can drain by gravity or suction.


What is the warranty for the drain plugs?

Femco drain plugs are guaranteed for life for workmanship and materials.


Do I need to buy a dust cap with my drain plug?

No, Femco drain plugs come with a dust cap. Replacement dust caps and chained dust caps are available as spares if required.


Which system should I use in my situation?

For further information and advice on how to tailor a Femco system to your requirements, just contact us.


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