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Each range of the Femco Drain Plug requires it's equivalent drainage hose. So for a Standard Series drain plug, a Standard Series drain hose or drain coupling is required for drainage. Each Femco Drain Hose comes with 250mm of green PVC hose attached, however, if you need longer - just ask.

Large Standard Right Angled HoseFemco Standard Drainer

Not every drain plug is mounted on the bottom face of the sump. For those side mounted drain plugs, we supply a right angled Femco Drain Hose for each range.

For the Compact Series, a special space saving right angle drain coupling was designed so where clearance around the drain plug is limited, as long as you can get your fingers to the plug, you can attach the hose and drain the oil without fear of getting the waste oil over everything.

Femco Compact Right Angled Drain Hose

For the Click Drain series of Femco Drain Plugs, rather than a screw on - screw off drain hose, there is the push on - pull off Clicker. This method greatly increases efficiency in oil draining due to the simple connection. This method is ideally suited to a large fleet of vehicles combined with a suction system, but it also suitable for small scale applications. With this in mind, the Double Clicker was designed especially for vacuum systems to eliminate the risk of oil flowing back through the pipe and onto the workshop floor when the system is not in use.

Femco Speed Click ClickerFemco Double Clicker OpenThe Double Clicker shown to the right is shown without a hose attachment, but can be attached to any 1/2" BSP hose adapter so can be easily implemented to any existing suction system.



Femco Drain Plug with ChainFor the Standard and Click Drain series of drain plug, a special retaining chain can be attached from the body of the drain plug to the dustcap. Therefore, once the dustcap has been removed for oil draining, it wont get lost, damaged or worst of all, knocked into the waste oil container. Designed with safety in mind, if the chain was to get caught on anything, it will snap without any further damage to the plug.



Femco Drain Plug with MagnetThe entire Femco Drain Plug range can be fitted with a magnet. A Super Magnet can be securely attached to a slight recess in the valve of the drain plug which will gather up any loose metal particles held in the oil so as to reduce possible engine damage as well as reducing contamination in the waste oil. Once the oil has been drained out of the sump, the drain plug can be removed, the magnet inspect and cleaned before being fixed back in position prior to being filled up with fresh, clean oil.

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