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LAMMA '15 Stand

On the 21st and 22nd of January 2015, Femco made its debut at LAMMA '15.

A combined force of people from the manufacters, Femco Draintechnology, and the UK distributer, Femco UK joined together to get the Femco brand known throughout the world of agriculture.

Over the two days of the show, we met a wide range of people from different backgrounds, but usually with the same thing in common - when it came to changing their oil, the waste would go everywhere, often hitting axles, guards or just being blown away from whatever they were trying to collect it in!

People left the stand with the knowledge and information that they needed to make the change to a cleaner and more efficient method of oil drainage and turn one of the most disliked regular service jobs into something enjoyable and simple.

If we met you at the show, we hope you had a good time there and that we hear from you soon!

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